Summer 2018 League Info
Registration now open!
League will begin
May 2018

Team Requirements
3 Players Minimum 

Open Team Format (All Guys, All Girls, Mixed
10 Players Maximum

League Fee
$20/25 per week (TBD at Captain's Meeting)
$30 playoff fee (One-Time Fee)
Team is responsible for Board Quarters
$50-$150 Fair Share Darts Bar Sponsorship
(Team responsible. Must be a sanctioned bar)

League Format
19 Total games per match
Every game equals 1 standing point
1. Head to head record
2. Total match wins


If new handicap is not established, must establish your handicap before game based on FSAC New Player Handicap sheet

Away team selects players first for each game

Boards assignments are done at random each week

Every team makes the playoffs!

Highest rank is the home team

Highest rank has first selection for board assignment
Game and match requirements are set for a player to be eligible for playoffs - see the Fair Share Darts rules for current season eligibility requirements

Go to
Contact Page of website

Send the following information (
REGISTRATION SHEET) to the commissioners:

Team Name
Team Captain (First & Last Name)
Team Captain's Cell Phone and Email Address
Team Player Roster List (First & Last Name)

minimum of 3 players, maximum of 10 players